Guests will be hiking Vermont's more difficult trails climbing around 1,300 to 2,800 feet of vertical gain. Expect to be climbing uphill most of the time on the trail, that's around 60-90 minutes on the average with the longer hikes having two hours plus of climbing. Some of our advanced trails have easier footing and a few more technical footing, with lots of roots and rocks. A few trails will have rock scrambles, when you have to use both your hands and feet to climb a short steep rock face. The majority of our advanced hikes go to mountain top vistas, however we will encounter waterfalls and streams on some trails.  Distance varies between 5 to 7 miles in average, with longer hikes up to 8 miles. Generally, advanced hikers will have less time in the villages and more time on the trail. Hiking times vary from trail but expect to be out hiking for three to six hours and longer.


Our PEAK BAGGER VACATION is for those advanced hikers wiho want the opportunity to hike Vermont's 4,000 foot mountains, the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail, the oldest long distance hiking trail in the country.  Those who summit all of Vermont's 4,000 footers, are awarded with a certificate of accomplishment. This accomplishment in the hiking community is referred to as peak bagging. We'll keep records of which peaks you have climbed. On your next visit or visits, when you finish the 4,000 footers, we award you with a 4,000 footer certificate. Please note the Peak Bagger Vacation is special request only and rates vary on group size.